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An intelligent
Platform to Enable
Low Touch Contracting.

MS3’s Contracting Solution is a smart and efficient solution to simplify contracting. The endeavour is to bring an innovative solution that can eliminate the need for iterations and high turn around time.

It serves as an intuitive front-end for buyers by enhancing user experience, integrating multiple systems and simplifying the end-to-end contract creation process

Our Advantage


Multiple users can collaborate on the same contract across geographies.


Minimised efforts via real-time validations, timely notifications & analytics.


Enhanced user experience with unique excel-like features.


API based solution that can sit on top of your existing ERP & other downstreams systems.

Product Tour

Contract Creation

Easy contract filing facilitated by structured and simplistic design which makes contract creation up to 60% faster

  • Simple and Intuitive User Experience along with Fast Navigations
  • Multiple Excel features such as copy-paste, drag & drop, etc, with additional interface to upload/download in Excel format
  • Clone from existing contracts & templates
  • Auto-fill various fields such as Material, Plant, Supplier details etc. using ERP Configurations


Share, Add & collaborate with multiple groups & users as per geographies leading to an increase of 30% in both Efficiency and TAT

  • Simultaneous edit and collaboration by geographically distributed users
  • Real-time communication with easy chat message functionality
  • Elimination of the need for multiple sources of communication between stakeholders

Business Rules & Data Checks

With stringent checks built around complex business rules such as material-plant settings, vendor configuration,price conditions,etc … FTR of almost 98% can be achieved.

  • Import business rules from ERPs to facilitate early resolution with the help of Enterprise Data Configurations
  • Seamlessly navigate discrepancies from a single list which redirects the user to the exact position of the error. Moreover, part fixing is allowed
  • Further ease enabled by master data search suggestions

Renewals & Amendments

Immense time and effort saving facilitated with proactive renewals and amendments

  • Easy notification reminders for timely alerts on the expiry of contracts
  • System notifications & recommendations on amendments & renewals
  • Fast amendment mode for amendment types used frequently
  • Easy amendments for prices & index-based contracts with amendments classified into major,minor and price amendments

Insights & Recommendations

Single source for getting all your relevant contract data, pending actions and derived intelligence with insights on:

  • Buyers Performance & Business KPIs : Recommendations on Prices, Suppliers & Quota Allocations
  • Operational KPIs: First Time Right, TAT…
  • Governance KPIs: Identify Process Gaps & Compliance Risks

Impact we have created

Low Touch Contracting

Reduced Cycle Time

Enhanced User Experience

Increased Efficiency

Seamless Collaboration

Strengthened Visibility