Re-imagined procurement on cloud with integrated catalogue.

Customised Catalogue
Vendor Consolidation
Seamless ERP Integration


Low Touch

Buyers portal serves as an intuitive front-end for buyers by enhancing user experience, integrating multiple systems and simplifying the end-to-end Source-to-Pay process.

By consolidating vendors in the indirect spend category, we bring efficiency by two means – Catalogue Mapping and Collaborative Process.

For both these metrics, we have built a platform which provides a private e-commerce amazon like experience while keeping the complex workflow of the enterprise procurement.

Challenges that we have defeated

Fragmented Suppliers Base

Sub-standard Data Quality

Un-optimized Inventory

Price Variation

Buyers Advantage

Explore the world of Source-to-Pay and Systemized Procurement via Vendor Consolidation

Online Catalogue

3.5L+ SKUs | 30+ categories


PO – Invoice – GRN

Real-Time Order Tracking

Live trails for every action.

GST Compliance

GST filling status

Integration With ERP

Seamless API Integration

Purchase Insight

Detail buying behaviour

Product Tour


Comprehensive workflow view of multiple order statuses with seamless ERP integration

Get details on the top value of PO and list of top selling items by value & volume

  • Check upto last 6 months shipment efficiency parameters
  • Get latest process trends details – PS received vs deliveries done

Request For Quotations

Filter based on status/date and search based on RFQ number, HMCL part number

  • Mention target rate/feedback directly to the Moglix sourcing team
  • User can copy/paste fields directly from excel for bulk upload of items in a single RFQ
  • Users can attach photos/diagrams for better clarity during RFQ process

Purchase Order

  • Get detailed catalogue – searchable on part number
  • Get an automatic pop-up which will show all previous transaction details for this part code
  • User to fill below fields as required and create PO/PR
  • Details of purchase orders searchable via PO number, status, etc.
  • Item level details of purchase orders with ETA

Shipments & Payments

  • Get all shipments invoiced by Moglix – with AWB number, delivery and executive details
  • Get item level details of the invoice with a comprehensive view of the total outstanding amount
  • Search by payment type & id

Product Catalogue

  • Searchable Moglix Universal Catalogue
  • Create, upload & download your customised catalogue


Our clients have transformed their procurement cycle & incurred several benefits


Rationalization of Vendors


Cost Savings due to an increase in man-hour efficiency


Reduced TAT


GST Compliance